About Kenneth James Realty

Kenneth James Realty was founded in 2014 by Karl Freund, its current CEO with the knowledge that real estate brokerages were underserving both the agents and the clients.

We have built the best brokerage in the world around our 4 guiding core principles which we all live by:

  1.   Freedom

Without the freedom we enjoy in this Country, none of us would be were we are or have what we have today.  We recognize the sacrifices of those that came before us, and the current and future sacrifices that it takes to maintain freedom.

We are a Pro-America company through and through.  We support free speech, the Second Amendment, our Military, and our Law Enforcement officers.  We are a law and order kind of company, and we are proud of it.

2). Family

Everything we do is for our family.  Here at Kenneth James Realty our agents, clients, and vendors are all included in that definition.  Our mission is to make absolutely sure our family is taken care of first and foremost and we’ll do anything and everything to protect them.

3). Fitness

Health is wealth.  Being healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally are extraordinarily important to us.  We push relentlessly to be the best version of ourselves every single day and be a model and inspiration for those around us and in the communities we serve.  We will strive to be mentally sharp and educated, physically fit, and emotionally strong and persuade those around us to do the same.

4). Finances

Without finances it is incredibly difficult to make a positive impact in this world.  We promise to do everything in our power to enable our clients and agents to achieve true generational wealth through real estate.  We promise to promote a healthy view of money, and help people manifest the lives that they deserve.